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Champagne Haton et Fils

  • Solo Meunier Brut (formerly Carte Blanche)

    With its golden color of dazzling brilliance and creamy bubbles cord, Carte Blanche, composed of white fruit flavors, balanced mouth leaves a both powerful and round. This is the Champagne of all times and all circumstances.

  • René HATON

    This Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru presented in a bottle of white glass revealing his perfect clarity, releases a lively effervescence fed by its cord creamy foam. His fine and elegant nose with aromas of white flowers gives off a sweet and slightly fruity for a final very refreshing mouth.

  • Sonata Chardonnay (formerly Great White White reserve)

    This single varietal Champagne, made only from Chardonnay white grapes offers beautiful golden color with exceptional brilliant shine. With its softness due to its beautiful Chardonnay and persistent aromas of fruity and expressive perfectly balanced citrus, it leaves an unforgettable memory.

  • Cadence (formerly Grand Reserve)

    Cadence seduced by its gold-colored dress made of a multitude of fine bubbles giving it a luminous glow. The nose is fruity with aromas of citrus and exotic fruits, evolving with the emergence of notes of orange and a touch of liquorice. His lively and frank mouth, perfectly balanced, provides nice returns on fishing Vine finally gently. It perfectly expresses the Haton et Fils style.

  • Agreement Brut varietals (formerly Prestige)

    Nice blend of exceptional wines, among the best years of the last decade, this Cuvée, jewel of our house reveals a broad effervescence in the service and has a golden color with a perfect shine. Its aromas of yellow fruit on equip a powerful and intense nose of beautiful complexity brought by notes of figs and toasted almonds. His mouth is full and generous harmony and reaching ideal maturity.

  • Agathe Cuvée

    Often preferred by female customers, this Champagne Spring is decorated with a dense color of perfect clarity with raspberry highlights.
    Agatha cuvée has a beautiful white foam cord and is composed of red fruit aromas of great complexity both gentle and generous, making it a must for an appetizer.

  • Ratafía

    Based aperitif Pinot meunier and alcohol, Ratafia is made in oak barrels for 2 years. It has a beautiful amber color with copper highlights and gives off very elegant aromas and a great delicacy. Consumed very fresh, Ratafia provides harmonious and balanced taste sensations and freshness pleasantly persistent aftertaste.

  • L'octave Extra-Brut

    Une large effervescence alimente un cordon de mousse persistant. La robe est d’un jaune doré intense et brillant. Le premier nez est fruité et parfumé. Des notes de prunelles, de fruits à noyaux ainsi qu’un zeste d’orange se déclinent parfaitement. Au brassage, des notes de figues et de cannelle. Une touche de pâte d’amande en finale. L’attaque en bouche est vive et franche. La structure est équilibrée. Un dosage discret lui confère une grande délicatesse et une finale racée.